About Us

One morning, when I was in route to a decadent day at the spa, one of my twins inquired what the experience entailed. Halfway into my response and my girls were politely pleading (as only little ones can), for a special mommy and me spa date. And right there, it dawned on me, wouldn’t it be great to have a kid’s birthday party at the spa. And thus from that innocent appeal, the Le Petite Spa concept was born.
Le Petite Spa is a dream world created especially for little girls to celebrate special occasions. It is a one-of-a-kind destination for birthday parties where girls can be girls and a place where parents can reward good grades, positive behavior and like milestones in a child’s life. The spa’s fairy tale surroundings take on a magical quality in young minds: it becomes a palace for special treatment and pampering. Le Petite Spa’s environment encourages girls to relax and feel good about themselves. We talk to them about the importance of healthy living habits and the value of respecting their bodies; about taking good care of their hair and their skin, drinking lots of water and eating nourishing foods.
These positive concepts coupled with over the top princess inspired fun are the cornerstones for everything we do at Le Petite Spa. So, please come by and see for yourself; Le Petite Spa is the place to bring your girls to celebrate being girls.

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